1 Resource is dedicated to protecting veterinary practices like yours from issues such as inefficiency, haphazard safety practices, dishonest behavior and more! By helping you maximize safety and security in every facet of your practice, 1 Resource helps ensure your practice’s continued profitability and future viability.


We partner with you to provide affordable, practical solutions that influence your employees to behave as a team that can maintain and improve the practice they all care about.


Through the “Dare to Care” hotline and accompanying program, 1 Resource empowers owners, HR managers and employees to expand the health of their practices and ultimately the health and care of companion animal and equine patients.


For as little as $27.50 per month, your partnership includes:


  • A toll-free, results-driven hotline staffed with professional interview specialists, and available 24/7. 
  • A powerful in-practice education program that delivers fresh messaging about important topics on a quarterly basis including: 

    • A wall-mounted awareness center to display:

      • Brochures with tear-away wallet cards
      • Speak Up! Poster featuring the hotline number
      • Quarterly topical posters 
    • A quarterly discussion guide to support team training and awareness. 
  • Members-Only access to our website with tools and templates to utilize in practice management and human resource issues!   
  • Coming soon: Online Web Reporting! 

1 Resource brings you peace of mind in knowing that your staff is mindful of the need for honesty and integrity in everything they do.


Challenge your team to have a stake in your practice. Enhance your profits by enrolling in the Dare to Care program today!

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